What is YunoHost?

What is YunoHost?

February 18, 2022 0 By Tobias

YunoHost is a server operating system that enables
self-hosting for everyone. The distribution is based on Debian GNU/Linux and provides a web UI via which apps can be installed with just a few clicks. A domain manager and the possibility to create SSL certificates from Let`s Encrypt are also included by default. Additionally, YunoHost comes with fail2ban and a special firewall. Here again the features in the overview:

Manage your server through a user-friendly web interface :

  • Deploy apps with just a few clicks
  • Manage users (based on LDAP)
  • Manage your domain names
  • Create and restore backups
  • Connect to all apps simultaneously via the user portal (NGINX, SSOwat)
  • Includes a full email stack (Postfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, DKIM)
  • Instant messaging server (XMPP)
  • Manages SSL certificates (based on Let’s Encrypt)
  • Security systems (fail2ban, yunohost-firewall)

On which hardware is YunoHost running?