How to test memory with Memtest86+?

How to test memory with Memtest86+?

September 21, 2021 0 By Tobias

The following instructions show you how you can use Memtest86+ to check your RAM and, if necessary, detect and replace defective memory modules yourself. To do this, proceed as follows:

1. Download and install Memtest86+

  1. Insert an empty USB stick into the computer. Launch the downloaded and unzipped .exe file.
  2. Select your drive of the USB stick here. If the USB stick is not empty, the data will be deleted. Then click on the Create button to start the installation process.

2. Restart / boot from USB stick

Restart your computer and boot from the inserted USB stick. You can either change the boot order in the BIOS or select the USB stick as boot drive via the boot menu of your system.

If you don’t know which key combination to use to get to the boot menu when you start your system, you can try the following keys. Turn on your computer and then immediately press one of the following keys on your keyboard several times:
F2, F9, F10, F11, F12, F8, Escape, Tab and Alt.

For Apple computers, press and hold the “C” key to launch the boot menu when the system starts. If the boot menu does not appear, repeat the process and try the next key.

On some systems, instead of the boot menu, the BIOS may open. On some PC’s this is loaded when the computer is started by pressing the keysDel, F2 or Ctrl and ESC. You close the BIOS by pressing F10, ESC, or Tab and Alt.

When you press the F8 key, you may have missed the time window for jumping to the boot menu. In this case, on Windows machines, your system will boot using the Windows Startup option or the Windows “Start Manager”. In this case, please try again and press F8 key every second immediately after power on. If the computer starts again in the Windows start option, the F8 key is not the correct key to jump to the boot menu. In this case try another key.

If none of the keys works, your computer is too old and cannot boot from a USB stick. In this case burn a boot CD and change the boot sequence in the BIOS of your computer so that the system can boot from CD and the software can start at boot time.

Select the USB stick as boot drive and press “Enter” to start the Memtest86+ software.

3. Memtest86+ – Program screen

Memtest86+ now starts testing your working memory. Here the memory modules present in the system are written and read out again.

This test should run until the working memory of the computer has been completely scanned at least the system 2-3 times. If no errors occur after this, your RAM is error-free.

If Memtest86+ finds one or more memory errors, these are displayed in a red field. Regardless of the number of errors, the faulty working memory should be replaced as soon as possible. If necessary, please test the working memory individually and be sure to determine which of the memory modules used is defective.